A Guide to the Different Types of Parking Signs at the Parking Lots

In most cases, indoor signage is directional signage, and parking signs are not different in this matter.You can find small and large parking spaces with various commercial and residential properties. In thecase of commercial properties, the parking size is bigger to accommodate many vehicles.

Signage is crucial for a big parking space, as it brings convenience in parking the vehicles without facingany hassles. On the other hand, signage helps drivers to find the correct paths for inside the parking lot. In the following section, you can find a guide to the essential parking signs for the parking areas.

Different Types of Parking Signs

Talking about the different types of parking signs, Calgary mainly has two – digital and traditional signage. The digital signage boards are more effective as they provide detailed information to the drivers. The signage can show the number of spaces available on the multiple floors of the parking station. Moreover, it is easier to update the digital signage.

The orthodox analog signage carrier fixes information, and thus you cannot update the information easily. However, you can change the information by erasing the previous one, though the process is time-consuming. But, analog signage has not become obsolete yet. They still serve many other purposes, and you can find the types of analog parking signage below.

Reserved Parking Sign

The reserved parking signs ensure that specific persons have their parking spaces. For example, there are fixed parking spaces for the managers and directors in many commercial places. However, other employees may not understand such specific parking spaces without signage. The signs help others find the reserved parking, thus preventing confusion.

Reserved parking space sign is also essential in commercial parking lots. Many people book their parking spaces online these days before visiting the place. The parking owner has to use a signboard to help identify the booked parking spaces in such cases.

Parking Fee Payment Counter

The commercial parking spaces should use signboards to make the payment counter visible. Typically, the payment counter is small in the parking lots. Moreover, the lack of lights often causes difficulty to the drivers in sighting the payment counters. Therefore, adding a signboard over the counter will help the drivers to find the payment counter easily.

Moreover, you need to use directional signs to help the drivers find the payment counter. Typically, the directional signs come with arrows and small information. In many cases, parking spaces use digital directional signs. However, you can also find extensive use of the regular directional signs.

No Parking Signs

As the name suggests, no parking signage is useful to prevent car parking at a place. In many commercial places, you will find no parking signage. A vehicle parked in a no-parking area creates many types of nuisances, and thus it is important to have a no-parking sign at such places.

Some places offer parking for a fixed schedule, and thus you need dynamic parking signs in such places. Typically, using digital signage will help in such cases. But, you can also use analog signage, which you can easily carry from one place to another.

Safety Signage

The parking space requires multiple safety signs to prevent accidents. For example, there should be fire safety signs that show emergency exits and fire alarms. Likewise, you need safety signs highlighting the availability of the first-aid counter in a commercial parking lot. Such safety signs are crucial for all commercial parking places.

When it comes to parking signs, Calgary is very particular and it is important that you are well aware of
the same. Using the right signage will help you properly manage the parking lots.

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